Hi-Fi design Internet Radio
Sound clear and neat
Internet TV & Radio channels all over the world
Multi-media Player

Receive hundreds of TV channels all over the world
The channels are divided by New, Politics, Sports, Education, Religion, Shopping, Cartoon/Kids, Music, Movie, Weather, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Comedy, Drama…
Smooth display and perfect image quality
Favorite folder to store your favorite channels

12000 internet Radio stations all over the world for your selection
Database is provided by RADIOTIME, the biggest IP Radio provider from UK
Auto-play the IP Radio channel you listened last time with turning on power

General Features
Auto link to your home wireless router
3.5” color touch screen play your audio/video/photo/e-book
512M internal memory to store your favorite photo/e-book/audio&video files
Wooden box, bottom speaker, side speakers and back sound cavity consist of its Hi-Fi design
FM radio with PLL digital tuning
Input Zip code to find the weather report in your area
Digital Calendar, Analogue Clock , and Alarm function
Touch screen allows your easier operation
USB Slave for PC to manage your files

Display type: TFT LCD
Screen dimension: 3.5 inch (4:3)
Resolution: 320x240pixels
USB connection: USB device
Memory card support: SD/MMC
Power supply: AC100----240V DC 5V 1.5A

• AC adapter
• Quick Start Guide
• USB cable